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ACE Development is a division of ACE Training Limited. At ACE Development, we specialise in the software development aspects of computerisation projects to ensure that computer projects meet your expectations.

Our clients have always seen the need for quality training. They have also recognised that sometimes training on it's own is not enough and that there are good reasons to have the experts create a software solution for them.

At ACE Development, we specialise in the software development aspects of computerisation projects to ensure that computer projects meet your expectations. A major reason for our success is the emphasis we place on project management and systems implementation skills, and recognition of the need to correctly assess the resources that are required to complete the project. We use experienced project managers and skilled system developers.

What we do

We are specialists in the software aspects of computerisation projects. Emphasise our strengths, which are:

  • We look at the overall business solution that customers require to justify investments in IT in general rather than just the technical solution; and
  • We provide the overall management of the complete implementation process.
We know the products inside out!

We have the market experience to create sophisticated applications that will save you time. We customise each application to your needs; no off the shelf products that are inflexible for your requirements. We also have a superb team of trainers on call should your firm need training on the specifics of using the end product.

    Database Development
    Database design and development; specialising in Microsoft Access and SQL Server.

    Excel Automation
    Professional and accurate Excel spreadsheets for both small and medium sized businesses.

    Word Templates
    Word templates that provide quick return with increased efficiencies.

    PowerPoint Presentations
    PowerPoint presentations with impact.

    Website Development
    Web site development and maintenance. We can get your business online with either a simple 'brochure' type web site or a dynamic web site integrated with your company database.

    Graphic Design
    Design professional and eye-catching graphics for both small and medium sized businesses.

    ACE Development have a skilled set of friendly developers who can come to your workplace and assist you with your development or software needs.

Contact us for more information about our services.

Why use ACE Development

Four great reasons why you should use ACE Development:

  • ACE Development consultants know the products inside out and have the market experience to be able to create sophisticated business enhancing applications. The solution is advanced, robust, reliable and expandable.
  • ACE Development will complete a solution much faster than a novice still in the process of learning the software product. The client will be reaping the business benefits of a new computer application much sooner.
  • An ACE Development consultant will bring total focus to the computer project. An in-house 'developer' will often be required to work on the project while still retaining normal job responsibilities. By outsourcing the project, neither the job suffers nor is the developed application compromised.
  • ACE Development has the ability to customise an application to the needs of the client; no off-the-shelf products that are inflexible to requirements.

Development Terms of Business

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