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Word Graphs and Graphics

Length: 0.5 Days    Cost: $310 + GST    Version: Word

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About this Course

This course is designed for current users of Word for Windows who have already mastered the skills covered in our Word Essential Skills and Timesaving Features courses.

Our aim is to provide you with the necessary skills to produce documents using the Microsoft Word for Windows (referred to here as Word) graphical features. We will introduce many timesaving features using quick keys and short cuts.

Word has many graphical features that will allow you to create more interesting and visually appealing documents. In this course we cover:

  • Inserting, editing, and resizing pictures
  • Creating special effects with text
  • Creating borders around text, paragraph and pages
  • Working with objects
  • Creating graphs, equations and watermarks

It is important that you use your new skills as soon as possible on completion of this training course. We encourage you to take your own notes and to review this Course Guide once you are back at your workplace.

This course in conjunction with Word Essential Skills and Word Timesaving Features courses covers the material examined in the MOS Word Core exam.


We recommend that students have:

  • Completed our Word Essential Skills and Word Timesaving Features courses


  • Have a thorough working knowledge of the content of the above courses, in particular the use of AutoText, Tabulation, Tables and Styles.

At Course Completion

This course is aimed at users who need to produce documents with graphical elements such as pictures, charts and diagrams. You will learn clever text effects and design smart diagrams, to create interesting and visually appealing documents.

Course Outline

  • Creating Charts
  • Embedding & Linking Excel Worksheets
  • Sections & Columns
  • Creating Watermarks
  • Inserting Drop Caps
  • Creating WordArt
  • Inserting Graphics & ClipArt
  • Drawing Objects
  • Formatting Objects
  • Creating Text Boxes
  • Inserting SmartArt
  • Creating Borders, Boxes & Shading
  • Formatting Text with Themes
  • Inserting Symbols

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